Black Seed Recipes and Remedies

Please check this page and our blog periodically for new tips and tricks which we plan to add.

For the time being, we will share with you some basic and beneficial ways of consuming Black Seed.

Before anything else, we stress the need to get professional medical advice specific to your body and health. The information below is general uses of the product and should not be taken as recommendations or advice.  

The oil is more concentrated than the seeds so one would need to consume a lot more seeds to get the same medicinal dosage as a small does of oil, but there are many recipes that demand seeds.

With all traditional, natural medicines, being acutely aware of one's body and its reactions to different foods and environments is crucial. When introducing any new ingredient or supplement into the diet, it is wise to graduate the dose and observe the effects and reactions. The best way to do this is under the guidance of a qualified professional. 

Some people's bodies react well from the outset; some take time to get used to the new ingredient; some need to take breaks to allow the body to adjust and some find it incompatible. 

The most common and broad usage, which is effective for the most broad set of ailments and symptoms, is to consume some oil in a spoon two to three times a day, once in the morning and then before meals. For example, one may take some first thing in the morning and then some before dinner. If they wish, they may take some before lunch also. 

The number of doses and the size of the dose (usually between one third teaspoon to a teaspoon) varies based on the age and size of the person, how compatible their bodies are with the oil and why it's being consumed. For general immune support the dose is usually smaller than when suffering from a specific ailment. 

For colds, flues, hay fever, and some respiratory infections, it is often beneficial or soothing to pour freshly ground seeds into boiled water and then inhale the steam for up to 15 minutes. The common method is to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale from the mouth. If one doesn't have fresh seeds to grind then oil can be added to the boiled water instead. A simple pepper grinder should be sufficient to grind fresh seeds. 

Likewise, it can be helpful and soothing to rub oil on one's chest and throat.

There are many other detailed recipes that can be effective for specific ailments.

We reiterate that before using the above recipes or others you should consult qualified medical professionals who can advise you based on your specific circumstances.