How long does Black Seed Oil last?

It is difficult to give an exact timescale as there are many variables that affect this like exposure to light and air. Also, if it is unrefined and unfiltered like ours, it doesn't last as long as the processed and filtered oil.

The fresher the oil, the better it tastes and the greater the medicinal value. A fresh and high-quality oil has a distinct and strong taste, often felt at the back of the throat and has a distinct aroma, easily recognised by those well acquainted with it. 

Over time, the smell and taste will become weaker and then a point will come when it will spoil and become rancid. It can become harmful to consume at that point so should be disposed of well before that point. Do not risk consuming oil which has gone old and lost or changed its taste and smell.

This is why our most popular product is the 100ml bottle which lasts an average person a good amount of time but remains fresh for that duration.